Following President E.D Mnangagwa’s call declaring that every first Friday of each month should be set aside as a clean-up day. MRDC actively participated in the clean-up campaign on Friday the 1st of February.

Together with representatives from organizations like EMA, Ministry of Health and Child Care, DA’s office. MRDC visited a few wards under the rural district council that is ward 7, 19 and 22. Many people showed up at the clean-up campaigns in these different wards with the highest attendance being 200 participants in ward 10 at Chakadini area and the lowest attendance being 15 participants in ward 11. Some people may have not come in their numbers because of the hot sun on the day.

On the very day almost every age group participated on the clean-up campaign as even the elderly people could not be spared on this good cause. Activities mainly done in the different wards was picking up litter and digging of rubbish pits. Places mainly cleaned were growth points and business areas, schools, clinics and hospitals.

In wards which MRDC visited, councilors were very pleased with the rural district’s presence. People from different wards were excited about this clean up and promised to turn out in large numbers next month. Residents also seized the same opportunity to pour out their grievances. They also requested the rural district to provide them with clean up equipment like brooms, hoes and bins.

Back home, MRDC staff took their time to clean their premises as a team. They also picked up litter at the nearest Inyaguwi shops and areas around. MRDC has adopted the clean-up culture and ensures to participate in all the coming clean-up campaigns every month.