MARONDERA Rural District Council(MRDC) is working hand in glove with the Ministry of Health and Child Care with regards to the construction and expansion of Mahusekwa District Hospital. Mahusekwa District Hospital is being sponsored and constructed in partnership with the Chinese government.

The Chinese architectures are masterminding the further expansion of the district hospital through renovations which are being made in the kitchen and dining to improve the standards of cooking and serving healthier meals at the hospital.

A modern mortuary is also being constructed. The mortuary will include an inside modern chapel. This will be the first district hospital to have a mortuary with a chapel amongst all hospitals in Mashonaland East Province.

A biogas digester is also being constructed at the hospital. This is a move to counter power supplies and shortages at the hospital. The biogas fuel will be used mostly during power cuts to improve lighting and cooking. The resultant effect of this development will be the reduction of electricity cost.

Sanitary disposal has been a cause of concern to Mahusekwa District Hospital. An incinerator is being constructed and this will be used to immediately burn sanitary waste disposed at the hospital.

The water supply at Mahusekwa district hospital is also being improved. A water tower is being constructed. The tank will be 50 cubic metres in size.

 Although it seems Mahusekwa District Hospital is still a work in progress, the residents of Marondera District are already enjoying the services from the institution. The district hospital is being applauded for its better customer care and some patients are coming as Harare.