A DELEGATION from Chipinge Rural District Council visited its sister council Marondera Rural District Council on the 8th of May 2019, to learn more about the systems adopted by Marondera RDC in the year 2019.

Chipinge RDC chairperson Madam Mlambo along with the HRD and Admin chairperson Mr Sithole, HRD and Admin Officer Mr Maduveko and four councillors from the same committee visited Marondera RDC to learn more about their faster council systems which include the Geo-Information System, Procurement Management Unit department as well as the community engagement in Local Economic Development planning.

The brief meeting chaired by Mr Murepa the District Planner for Marondera RDC, kicked off with MRDC showing their visitors the different projects which the council is doing. The projects include a deal with the TASKAIR Aerodrome Company which specialises in teaching aircraft engineering and is also the local aerodrome in Marondera. MRDC is in partnership with this company.

Chipinge RDC delegation was also appraised of MRDC’s farm where there is cattle ranching, tobacco and maize farming.

Mr Murepa took the opportunity to demonstrate how the Geo-Information System is useful to a council. Chipinge RDC delegation was amazed by how the system works and how it helps in data capturing to know who is where and makes it easier to engage with all communities under the Rural District Council. The system also helps to see who is settled legally or illegally.


Marondera RDC also took the opportunity to demonstrate how the introduction of the Procurement Management Unit is essential in council. Mr Tavarwisa, the Procurement Officer for Marondera RDC took the opportunity to explain the need to have a PMU and how it operates in an organisation.

The visitors took some pointers and applauded Marondera RDC for taking such steps in 2019 so as to ensure sound delivery of quality services. Chipinge RDC delegation also took the opportunity to take a short tour around the Marondera RDC complex seeing the structures, workshop, offices, vehicles and machinery available at Marondera RDC.