In an effort to promote gender equity through equal participation in leadership and political arenas, Marondera RDC has embarked on a number of gender mainstreaming  adventures.  Effort has been shown through awareness campaigns, clean-ups, addressing at important functions, women and youth involvement, publicity materials amongst others.

In August 2016 a clean-up campaign was held at Mahusekwa Growth Point under the theme 50/50 “Empower a Woman Empower a Nation”, Nothing for Us Without Us. The event which was attended by more than 150 participants, embraced picking up litter using gloves, or pokers, into bin liners and discharging into installed 210l drum bins or sweeping using brooms and collecting to drum bins using shovels and spades; discourses during the clean-up from various stakeholders well as the main speech from the invited guest.

Before the clean-up event a total of thirty 210 litre drum bins and 36 T-shirts were acquired with funds from Gender Links and were branded with gender messages aimed at raising gender awareness including the promotion equal involvement of both women and men in leadership and political arenas. The following Messages were inscribed on bins and t shirts:

  • Promoting 50/50 participation in leadership positions
  • Equal participation in all sectors a key to sustainable development
  • “50/50 Participation” our vision for a brighter future
  • Gender equality for good governance, sustainable development and poverty reduction
  • “Gender is not a women issue, it’s a human issue”, it affects all of us.
  • A wise husband gives his family a chance.
  •  “Nothing for us without us” 50/50 representation in decision making.
  • Mwana wangu ane chipo chekutungamirira mupeiwo mukana.
  • Saying “NO” to Gender Based Violence
  • Domestic violence hurts families and suppresses talents.
  • Our youth our future.
  • A big “NO” to child marriages.
  • Report all cases of Child Abuse.